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High-performance Clean Slitter

Supporting our customers’ strict needs with our slitter process in our consistent, and clean environment

We implement cleanliness consistently from the processing line to respond to high-quality packaging requirements in the IT and medical fields where demand continues to grow.
We can support a variety of high-quality needs including those for electronic components and medical and optical components and others by maintaining a thoroughly clean slitter in the finishing process.
This is our commitment to clean converting.

Features of the Clean Slitter

Installed with a high-performance, in-line detection system that detects foreign matter up to 0.1 mm square objects.
Maintains a cleanliness level of class 1,000 or lower in the work space, with our commitment to complete cleanliness.
Installed with a static neutralization feature that keeps the electric charge of the winder to 1.0 kv or lower.
We offer complete quality control.

Clean Slitter Equipment Overview

Winding Specifications Up and down, 2-axes, air shaft, friction shaft
Base Material Thickness 12 - 250 micron
Roller Surface Length 1,400 - 1,800 mm
Supported Roll Width 1,300 - 1,700 mm
Maximum Unwinding Diameter/Weight Diameter 800 mm, 800 kg (per axis)
Maximum Winding Diameter/Weight Diameter 700mm, 400kg (per axis)
Minimum Cutting Width 80 mm
Cutting Speed 1 - 400 m/min
Special Equipment Straight line, and curved shear cut, in-line solid color inspection system, adhesive-foreign matter pick-up roller, ultrasonic vacuum cleaner, high-performance static elimination system and others
Clean Level Class 1,000 - 10,000
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