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Gravure Printing

Gravure technology that is one step ahead of rapidly advancing technology

Introduced and setup the latest gravure rotary press to enable printing to all types of materials. Supports direct printing from thin, plastic film to thick sheets, multi-color printing to paper and film, or special printing on special paper, sheets and liners and the like.
Our company makes efforts to supply high-quality products.

Thin-object Printing
We are good at printing on thin films used for industrial products to food containers.
Also, we can support customer needs with our outstanding technology and mobility.

Direct Printing to Thick Objects
We have multi-color printing technology and high-pitch precision even when printing at 0.1 - 0.5 mm on objects such as OPS sheets and HIPS sheets and the like.
We support printing at a maximum pitch of 1,500 mm, and up to an effective printing width of 1,300 mm.
We are capable of various types of conductive printing and processing.

Paper and Others
The foundation of our printing technology is our paper printing technology. We are equipped with multicolor offset gravure printing presses.
We also support materials that are said to be difficult to print upon, from thin glassine paper to thick liner paper, with our outstanding technology and many years of know-how.

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