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Continuing to challenge new possibilities with consideration to the environment

We are now in an age in which we can select the best from a wide variety of information.
It is the company itself that supplies products and services that must recognize the importance of information in order to continue as a company in an environment where only the fittest survive.
We, at Nakamoto Packs, have developed a variety of enterprises based on gravure printing and packaging-process engineering that we have cultivated this far.
Also, our company collects a variety of information by utilizing our wide-range of business activities and has been involved in research and development, by taking up themes that will be a benefit to our customers.

Our company has invested great effort into building business models that are not bound by a conventional converter framework, as evidenced by our efforts to give functionality and added value through our coating business, in developing new materials and processing techniques, building a new business through the development of special base materials for printing, developing recyclable packaging materials that have a low impact on the environment while striving for zero emissions, and biodegradable products, collecting international information utilizing our overseas production branches, and a non-general purpose packaging-process business.

Among these, Nakamoto Packs has moved forward with efforts giving consideration to people and the environment under our main theme of handling environment problems. These include building a printing environment that does not use solvents with new gluing technologies using water-based ink, and resin modification, and for the natural environment, introduction of an oil-based power-generation system that reuses without emitting CO2 or discarding industrial waste, and many others.

We strive to attain a variety of production plants that can run in living environments, for example, that do not impact our air or the surrounding environment. We will continue to take up the challenge of working to attain new possibilities, while sharing with our customers themes that we believe will become truly necessary in the future, toward the goal of ensuring we have a clean and safe converter.

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