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Taking up the challenge of making the impossible possible to respond to every need

Today, environmental problems are coming under scrutiny and company activities are frequently questioned on their impact on the environment. Our company is proactively undertaking research and development of new molding materials that have a low impact on the global environment.
We are independently or as a partner with everyone, implementing development devoting safety and security to new materials that are gentle on people.

New Recycling Technology
Research and development to produce high-value added products that use recyclable PET.
We can provide highly recyclable technology and the like that has limitlessly low impact on the environment.

Safe Resin Containers
The many resin containers that are indispensable in our daily lives.
Recently, their safety has frequently become questioned, but we have developed a sheet that has good formability and all types of films using safe and high-density resins with no additives as the raw materials, and we are able to provide them to everyone.

Development of Biodegradable Materials
Chemically synthesized products such as plastic supermarket bags, that are man-made materials are not degradable by nature, and have a serious impact on the environment.
As alternatives to these materials, we are developing materials that are decomposed by the natural circulation of the environment and end up changing back into water and carbon dioxide.

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