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Clean Coating

Providing a high-quality, special coating process in an extremely clean environment

Our excellent products are generated with high-level harmony between the three elements of our production equipment, production environment, and our production staff.
We consistently control each process while maintaining this basic attitude.
Also, we implement thorough quality control throughout the entire company by utilizing our TQC activities, to supply stable products with a uniform quality.
Also, in the aspect of hygiene, which is demanded in the food industry, we continue shipping around the clock products that have cleared our strict standards.

We accept and process lot sizes from small volume prototypes to mass production. (With NDA)
We supply all varieties of coating products.
Clean coater, clean dry laminate, clean slitter, gravure printing can all be consistently produced at the same plant.
We can offer multi-layer coating. (3 layered coating with one pass)
We can handle a wide variety of coatings. (Max.: 1,600 mm)
Equipped with a drying oven that can implement heat treatment (max.: 200˚C; 28 m).
Equipped UV radiating system, corona treatment system, and solvent recovery system, and others.
Doctor gravure chamber method
Small diameter doctor gravure chamber method
Wet lamination, comma coat
Thorough quality control using each of our main inspecting instruments
Obtained certification for ISO9001: 2000, and ISO14001: 2004

[Doctor gravure chamber]

[Small diameter doctor gravure chamber]

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