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Construction Material Decorative Sheet

Striving to attain construction materials that are gentle on people and the environment

Developing construction-material decorative paper based on our philosophy of clean and safe

Various high-function raw materials and new technologies are in demand in the construction industry including contamination-resistance, olefination, processing ability, and "VOC countermeasures" and others.
We are developing products while considering human health, protection of the natural environment, and how to care for the earth, which are all issues we must address.
We are striving to attain decorative paper for construction materials that has characteristics, that can be used for the right material and in the right place, from as many viewpoints, as much information, and methods as possible.
We are making every effort to develop products that allow you to create a safe, and warm living environment, based on the theme of "because children touch it..."

Types of construction decorative paper that respond to various needs

We conducted research and development into a technology to implement a breakthrough 3D curved surface process.

Nakamoto Inshokan has tied up with Monolith Co., Ltd. to move forward with the development of a product through a special film that is capable of 3D curved surface processing.
This is gaining attention as a material that inherited the flexible workability of conventional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.

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