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Nakamoto Packs Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, our company), considers the protection of personal information to be extremely serious. Nakamoto Packs makes every effort safely to protect personal information, to clarify the purpose of use, and to ensure accurate information.
Also, our company promises to make sure to handle information registered by our customers, based on this, under the policies listed below.

Collection of personal information

When collecting personal customer information, our company notifies the customer in advance of the purpose and method of use, and collects and uses that information within an appropriate scope. As a general rule, the following include the purpose of use.

  • As means for shipping and sending all types of announcements from our company (new product information, and questionnaires or the like)
  • As support-related materials for our company's products
  • As materials relating to product development at our company
  • As all types of marketing materials for our company and
  • As materials relating to our sales activities (telephone and personal visits and the like) for our company

Use of personal information

Our company does not use personal customer information for any purposes other than those explicitly described to the customer.
However, customer-registered information may be used to create statistical data, such as website viewing status, after being treated so that individual customers cannot be identified.

Non-disclosure of personal information to third parties

Unless there are special circumstances such as being ordered by the authorities to disclose information based on a law or the like, our company will not disclose to a third party individual customer-registered information without the customer's consent.

Safe control of personal information

Our company properly controls at our company personal information registered by the customer, according to the purpose of use.
Our company makes every effort to prevent illegal access of personal customer information, and to prevent the loss of personal information, and the vandalization, falsification, and leaking of personal information.

Deleting and correcting personal information

In the event that there are mistakes in personal customer information controlled by our company, or the customer has requested our company to correct or to delete that information, our company will handle such requests properly after confirming the identity of the customer.

Compliance with laws and the like relating to personal information

Our company will make every effort to comply with the laws and norms of Japan relating to the protection of personal information, in relation to the handling of personal customer information and will strive continually to improve means for protecting personal information.

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