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Wide-width Dry Laminate

Clean Room, and Wide-printing Support Dry Laminator

Implements wide printing and dry lamination on a consistent line in a clean environment.
Collaboration: Bulk control of the coating process after dry lamination We introduced a new machine with wide and clean specifications.
Please consult with us for thick base material.

Thickness Width Clean Degree Remarks
Saitama Plant 12 - 500 µ (Proven) Up to 1,520 mm Head unit class: 10,000 Dual coater
12 - 500 µ (Proven) Up to 1600mm Head unit class: 10,000 Dual coater
Nabari Plant PET: Up to 12 µ, OPP: Up to 20 µ 500 - 1,220 mm Head unit class: 10,000 Dual coater

General Dry Laminator

Presently, we implement dry laminate processing on thick sheets up to a base material thickness of approximately 1 mm, with a focus on PS, PET, and PP base materials or the like.
We take on any project giving all our effort to containers for fixed position molding with lamination of all types of films, and to packaging materials, by utilizing the characteristics of our machinery, such as their high-pitch precision.
We handle anything from thin films to thick sheets.

We make every effort to protect the global environment by being aware of supporting the environment which is a social requirement for corporate activities, and to improve our new technologies and equipment with the goal of eliminating solvents.

Thickness Width Remarks
Nabari Plant 12 µ - 1 mm Up to 1,250 mm High-speed laminator (180 m/min); in-line corona treatment
12 µ - 1 mm Up to 1,100 mm Handles sheets
Tsukuba Plant 12 - 200 µ Up to 1,100 mm In-line corona treatment (No. 2 paper feed)

Detection Equipment

Clean Dry Laminator General Dry Laminator
In-line Defect Detector Detects: SP 100 m/min; min.: 0.5 mm Detects: SP 100 m/min; min.: 1mm
Peeling Strength Measuring Instrument Pull Tester
Coating Amount Control System Wet coating control; in-line film pressure meter Wet coating control

Processing Examples

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 Sample 6
PET PET Biodegradable film Biodegradable film Film PET
Coloring DL Printing DL Biodegradable DL agent Biodegradable DL agent DL DL
PET PET Biodegradable sheet Paper Non-woven fibers Paper
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